Service guidance

Services Guide


About entrance

Can pet enter?
Only reserved small size, medium size dog can enter. Those who wish to enter of dog read instructions of page about "entrance of dog" well and have necessary matter fill out, and you reserve, and please arrive. In addition, I decline entrance of pet except dog.
Is there annual passport?
You can purchase for adult (more than junior high student) 3,000 yen, child (3 years old or older) 1,500 yen. Validity is one year than date of purchase.
Is there advantageous set ticket?
"Green ticket" that ten kinds of experiences were bundled with admission ticket is very advantageous. In addition, there is ticket that art museum stomach museum arc admission charges were bundled "barbecue set ticket" that barbecue was bundled with admission.

About animal

Is there danger to contact with animal?
There is no danger basically if you can keep attention of the ranch staff (contact advisers). As you may hit customer by datashi, animal frisking, and chewing and slight gesture, please be careful.
Can you touch with animal on rainy day?
There is facility "contact house" with roof, and walk and walk with sheep, goat can already enjoy on rainy day.
May we lift up vegetables which we brought from house?
Snacks to give animals are limited to snacks (fresh vegetables, 300 yen) preparing in the hall.

About facility

Can even wheelchair go around the hall?
Even impaired one and wheelchair seem to be easy to move the hall and serve in pavement of road, barrier-free including maintenance of promenade. In addition, restroom for person with a physical disability is installed in five places of halls, too. But, for ranch spreading out at the Haruna foot of a mountain, there are many slopes.
Can you go around the hall with stroller and wheelchair?
Yes. But there are many slopes for ranch in the Haruna foot of a mountain. Except stroller and wheelchair, all appliance, the vehicles with wheel have you decline.
Can we reserve wheelchair and stroller?
We did not hear prior reservation.
Is there nursing room and diaper spare space?
Family restaurant & shop "pikuneo" and rabbit cafe & shop "green leaf" have restroom and diaper spare space for person with a physical disability, nursing room. Other than restroom of triangle roof which we renewed, there is diaper spare stand in all restrooms.
May we take lunch?
Of course. As there are many lawn open spaces in the hall, you open lunch, and please enjoy picnic.
Is barbecue done?
There are indoor seat and outdoor seat in barbecue facility and can enjoy barbecue empty-handed. Meat has beef, pork, lamb and is recommended as beef in particular uses Joshu beef of brand-name products. Carry-ons such as ingredients have you decline.
May we do ball play and jump rope in the hall?
You can enjoy in sports open spaces. But I decline hard ball, metal or wooden bat, glove, carry-on of playground equipment with wheel.
As for the sunshade (simple tent), is carry-on OK?
You may have you bring in. You fix well so that it is not spurted by wind, and please use. Large thing which rotation troubles has you decline.
Is there locker?
After parking lot and the entrance, it is behind the admission ticket section. (pay, size: size, average, the small)
Is credit card usable?
Only some stands are available. It is not available in the admission ticket section, restaurant, recreation facility.
Is there ATM in the hall?
No. There is not.
Can you ride bicycle?
Carry-on of bicycle and tricycle has you decline.


Is car of normal tire fine in winter?
We lie and may freeze up. If it becomes almost visit day, please refer for road-surface condition.
Can you purchase sets ticket of Shibukawa Sky Land Park in other facilities?
Is sold in Shibukawa Sky Land Park. In addition, about arutenado tour club, you can purchase in arutenado 9 facility including Ikaho green ranch.
Is set ticket with other facilities available other than the date of purchase?
If there is in expiration date, we can take advantage even of different day. On the day it is limited, and set ticket with art museum stomach museum arc is effective.
Till when will you do reservation of thing left behind?
After having kept about thing left behind, lost article for half a year, we discard. Thank you for your understanding.