Recommended way of enjoying


Mom friends edition

A lot of wakuwaku♪
Ranch makes its debut together

From small house
We want to create animal and opportunity touching.
It is recommended to such active mom
Daily enjoyment course.
As for nursing room or the diaper substitute,
Information of mom glance is varied, too!

Only in mom friends,
We have come

In Ikaho green ranch
We came over!

In front of signboard of cute sheep with a click.
In the parking lot Hiro - kute,
It is excellent at 15 minutes and access from interchange!

From here
We enter

With guchoki passport
It is advantageous, and one coin enters

Both adult and child can enter for 500 yen per person when they show guchoki passport at the time of the admission ticket purchase. We can purchase to five people per one piece.

※About other prefectures card with kosodatemaku common throughout the whole country, it discounts admission 100 yen to for five people with one piece.

If enter, at first
We check event schedule!

Let's check time of event that we want to experience to want to see on seeing schedule most because there is decided event of time. As schedules are different on weekdays and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, it is to watch out!

At first,
A little
We were scared!

Breath or sheep and meeting

When enter, immediately "mee ~."
Sheep is met what.
While, as for mom, children throb, too,
We experience mumblingly promptly!

A lot of spots!

We must improve in SNS!
Large photoframe

Large photoframe which can take a ceremonial photograph backed by superb view of green ranch.
Properly own; there are the camera stands to take, and to be able to do it….
It is improved promptly by SNS!

Contact park to hit how
This is this!
Baby sheep,
Cute ...

Okay, to contact park to hit how

In open space, we put up snacks to sheep and goat mumblingly.
I want delicious thing and start from fence of tree.
Newborn kohitsujiya, koyagitachinimo were able to encounter this spring!

We touch with sheep, goat

Snacks of animals
It is discerning restaurant vegetable

Snacks (fresh vegetables) of animals are vegetables same as what they use at restaurant. Therefore all are friendly, and are you gentle?

Diaper substitute is fully equipped with nursing room, too
It is ranch which is kind to child care generation

Seven places of restrooms of the hall. Family restaurant & shop "pikuneo" and rabbit cafe & shop "green leaf" have restroom and diaper spare space for person with a physical disability, nursing room. We rent stroller. There is diaper spare stand, and restroom of triangle roof which Newall did is recommended.

Sheep dog show,
It begins!

If, with animals, we spend time in a relaxed mood,
Oh, it is tough! In time for sheep dog show.
There is venue in the first depths of ranch.
We go down slope of row of cherry blossom trees together and go.

Great, it is force.
It was good to come!
Sheep dog,

This must see it!
Sheep dog show of impression!

We seemed to come to New Zealand in waaaaa ..., circle!
Moms of great excitement.
It is signboard of "SHEEP DOG SHOW" in venue.
At slope of mountain, sheep spend time leisurely.

We sit at seat before the first.
Buch appearance of Cameron and sheep dog of breeding of sheep!

Beginning, hajimari of sheep dog show.
By signal of Cameron, Buch goes to meet sheep.
Dodo dodo dough.
Run down slope, in no time in bundle.

Chattering full of humor of Cameron.
We follow, and Tilley appears!
We derive three sheep quietly and clear obstacle in sequence!

Sheep dog show
... which air has good.
What comfortable
It is ranch!

After show,
Contact thyme with sheep and sheep dog

It is taken a ceremonial photograph with cage, sheep dog and sheep in venue by seat.
Children are completely used to sheep, too,
It was over back a lot.

In uphill slope,
Return is hard!

... hungry soon

Okay, to family restaurant "pikuneo."
We walk in clump of trees while pushing stroller with flattering. Try all hard! It is rice soon.

uma !!

Family restaurant "pikuneo"
It is lunchtime in this

Children "kids' lunch."
Moms ranch best recommended "Texas burger."
This, one which we wanted to eat!
We are satisfied very much with delicious lunch.



For child
There is solid menu

Because it is family restaurant, including "kids' lunch," menu to be able to enjoy in three generations from side and udon, curry and rice, small child including pasta to the elderly is prepared. Seat is spacious, and shop which stroller can go along easily is inner.


Experience made with butter.
Fall, and fall; and ...

We challenge "the making of butter" of popularity that we can experience in pikuneo!
Anyway, we swing fresh cream which entered bottle hard.
At first, gradually change sound that Shaka Shaka did….

If we are divided into lump and liquid,
Give water with spoon on dish with lump well,
By adjusting seasoning, we can do it.
We rank bread hot from the oven and eat.

Experience made with butter

Good luck,
It fell
Sampling thyme!
With fresh,
Delicious ... It is entirely different from butter of house.

It is ... now I'm leaving.
We nail to pretty stuffed toy!

Stuffed toy which stand of pikuneo was of abundantly.
Children want you to buy favorite stuffed toy and appeal to mom hard!


Long-awaited soft serve!

... which does not begin if we do not eat this.
We purchase quite popular homemade soft serve in ice cream shop.
It is a time of supreme bliss at bench of the shade of a tree. Delicious.

Ice cream shop

Oh my dear, we get on playground equipment and are happy!
While swell by mom talk, favorite playground equipment, ... which have found
There are various vehicles in child amusement park more and yet more.


Is fun with sheep, goat; "walk"

We take a walk while sharing role with person in charge putting up snacks and person in charge having string.
That while we go around, art get and takes a walk well.

Sheep and goat walking

Oops, it is drawn out ..., construction
Goat is more active than sheep.
We go up to high place unconcernedly.

In rabbit house,
It is healed by rabbit

Is matching with rabbit;, "oh, attach crown", and is high, cheese!
For small children contact with rabbit
We calmed down most and seemed to come nicely.
We patted easily.

We touch with rabbit

In mofumofu
Cute ...

Rabbit in charge of snacks is glutton very much.
We catch in clip which there was earlier of stick and put up vegetables.

With great relish
We eat

We buy souvenir and will return

Come back to family restaurant & shop "pikuneo",
We buy stuffed toy, and let's return soon.
It was fun. We played much.
Let's come again together!


Souvenir numero uno
After all "star bread"

Bread "star bread" of illusion using milk that, of course, the best recommended souvenir is fresh. Homemade ice cream, ranch original "MouMou grill are popular, too". Because shopping plaza "guddi" is parking lot direct communication, case "that forgot to buy souvenir!" is convenient.