Contact of rabbit

rabbit house

The most moving passage reyo

Of genuine rabbit What kind of feeling is warmth?

We will hold genuine rabbit in our arm easily! In rabbit house in contact park to hit how, we can touch with rabbit. Creature that rabbit is sensitive. To hear explanation of contact adviser, please pat easily.

Rate, schedule

Holding placeRabbit house (the contact park to hit how)
Holding time[Saturdays, Sundays and holidays] Acceptance occasional for from 9:30 to 15:30
[weekdays] From 10:00 to 11:00, from 12:00 to 13:30, from 14:30 to 15:30
Rate500 yen per person


Animal which can encounter here


One of suite does not cry; it is impossible
Let's take photograph with rabbit

At first small child will touch rabbit. Pat rabbit which entered basket easily. Child to be afraid of big animal feels for life of animal smaller than oneself; is valuable at all; should be experienced. Medium-sized animal including sheep and goat and one touching are recommended if gradually getting used.

Enjoy a time touching with rabbit at the full blast

Rugs prepare so that osoroinohanakammuriya, headband of ear of rabbit are not cold. We are pleased when we clean with brush. In waiting time, we will open "book of rabbit" of staff handicraft. We can learn trivia of rabbit.

Give snacks
It is glutton very much

In rabbit house, there is rabbit in charge of snacks, too. Even if take all, glutton (laugh). You do not put up vegetables of snacks by hand, and please catch by clip which you had earlier of stick.


Rabbit which we take care of
We become glad when praised

As for the rabbit, work is divided into contact charge and snacks charge. It is cute rabbit, but we start the fight before mouth and are serious when bitten! Pick is sharp, too.


  • Rabbits

    We became model of Peter Rabbit and can encounter rabbit of various kinds including "nezarandodowafu".


Can pet enter?
Only reserved small size, medium size dog can enter. Those who wish to enter of dog read instructions of page about "entrance of dog" well and have necessary matter fill out, and you reserve, and please arrive. In addition, I decline entrance of pet except dog.
Is there danger to contact with animal?
There is no danger basically if you can keep attention of the ranch staff (contact advisers). As you may hit customer by datashi, animal frisking, and chewing and slight gesture, please be careful.
May we lift up vegetables which we brought from house?
Snacks to give animals are limited to snacks (fresh vegetables, 300 yen) preparing in the hall.