Dog orchid

Dog Run

Play bo

It is same as pet dog We can spend time all day long happily

Other than animal area, each restaurant and the shop shop, reserved pet dog can use hall facility together. Dog orchid is maintained, too. As entrance is small size, limited to medium-sized dog, please be careful.

Rate, schedule

PlaceECO house is adjacent
Holding timeDaylong
RateAs for the details, please see page about "entrance of dog".


Animal which can encounter here


We follow rule, and let's use. Do not take your eyes off pet dog!

Dog orchid which we can run without lead with all one's might. Owner enters together and hopes that we do not take our eyes off pet dog to be able to enjoy safely.


Can pet enter?
Only reserved small size, medium size dog can enter. Those who wish to enter of dog read instructions of page about "entrance of dog" well and have necessary matter fill out, and you reserve, and please arrive. In addition, I decline entrance of pet except dog.