Horseback riding

Horse Rides

Experience Let's do

Is just right for the first horseback riding experience; surely come to love horse!

One of popularity rides a horse so that 30% of visitors comes saying "we want to try!" and experiences. As there is the staff aside, the first one can challenge in peace, too. Warmth when we touched quietly, big, gentle eyes. It should be entirely different from the front going around course in feeling later. We will taste scenery not to be able to taste by daily life while being jolted in horseback!

Rate, schedule

Holding placeHose park
Hose park[Saturdays, Sundays and holidays] About 10:00 - about 15:00
[weekdays] About 10:30 - about 14:00
※By weather, condition of horse, we may change cancellation or time by business.
RateOne lap of 1,000 yen ...


Animal which can encounter here


Both adult and child are welcome!
Parent and child horseback riding is possible, too

Do you not make memories by "parent and child horseback riding" to perform two riding in parent and child? Parent and child horseback riding from 2 years old. From small child to senior, we can enjoy contact with horse in peace.

We print out "hosupakugacha" exchange ticket, and let's go out!

We print out exchange ticket of "hosupakugacha", and let's go out if we plan horseback riding and pony horseback riding. gacha of can batch of horse presents done exclusive coin. Does can batch of which horse come out, in fun?


Is gentle, and with smart horses
Make friends!

kota is leader of horses. Do not lose to big horse either, is strong, and is smart horse. It is healed just to be together. Please come to meet.


  • Jack

    Though we are coward, we are quiet and are gentle.
  • kota

    Head is good, and leader of horses.
  • Goemon

    It is one's own pace leisurely. Always sleepy.
  • Baru

    Slightly selfish naughty Buddhist priest.


Can pet enter?
Only reserved small size, medium size dog can enter. Those who wish to enter of dog read instructions of page about "entrance of dog" well and have necessary matter fill out, and you reserve, and please arrive. In addition, I decline entrance of pet except dog.
Is there danger to contact with animal?
There is no danger basically if you can keep attention of the ranch staff (contact advisers). As you may hit customer by datashi, animal frisking, and chewing and slight gesture, please be careful.
May we lift up vegetables which we brought from house?
Snacks to give animals are limited to snacks (fresh vegetables, 300 yen) preparing in the hall.