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Meal beyo

It is easy for perfect location and with substantial menu small child

If enjoy meal and sweets in families, here. Fresh vegetables and delicious meal including original menu and pasta, curry, side, udon, child menu using meat are prepared. It is completely equipped with nursing room and diaper spare space, restroom for person with a physical disability, too. It is space that child care generation and senior generation feel relieved, and is cozy slowly.

Rate, schedule

Business hoursFrom 9:00 to 16:00
The number of the seats150 seats
Main menuHamburger / beef stew / ramen / udon, side / pasta / kids' lunch / sweets
Credit cardShop: *
Restaurant: X


Animal which can encounter here


That person of authority of burger praises highly
Gourmet burger which branding iron of sheep has a cute

"Texas burger" is confidence product of Ikaho green ranch! Is large-scale pate served with mill feel to be 150 g, "meat! Presence called meat. Bans of self development does not lose to meat, too; chew, and die out. We were particular about cheddar cheese with fresh vegetables thoroughly. As for the double burger. Toothpick does not exclude how to eat recommendation and lets you smash with both hands and be familiar and it is with big mouth or tries to be!

Touch is good and is lovely
Stuffed toy of ranch animal in a row

At stand of pikuneo, we can enjoy shopping relaxedly. Stuffed toy that you can buy souvenirs such as star bread or ranch original sweets, but it seems to be love that children are nail charge accounts. Stuffed toys of animals which are in rabbit and sheep, pony, ranch including goat form a line in a row. Adult is healed by the fuwafuwattoshita feel and lovely expression.

Stuffed toy of animals of ranch
There is no shop prepared like this

Stuffed toy which the feel is good with easy hue, and is refined. There is handopapetto and bag type, too. Popularity in particular is Yuki of familiar goat with "Alpine girl Heidi". We are available with mammaruomemede, S, M, L.


We can relax in three generations
Family restaurant
Experience made with butter is possible, too

Family restaurant to be able to enjoy pikuneo in three generations. There is shop which had stuffed toy abundantly. Experience of meal only in ranch is popular among the "making of ice cream" "made with butter".


Is credit card usable?
Only some stands are available. It is not available in the admission ticket section, restaurant, recreation facility.
Is there ATM in the hall?
No. There is not.
Is there nursing room and diaper spare space?
Family restaurant & shop "pikuneo" and rabbit cafe & shop "green leaf" have restroom and diaper spare space for person with a physical disability, nursing room. Other than restroom of triangle roof which we renewed, there is diaper spare stand in all restrooms.