Green leaf


bai Oh

Meal beyo

  • Lunch Thoth of Ikaho green ranch original brand "Green+"

Manager is rabbit! Be healed in living room of forest

"Living room in forest" where "green leaf" characterized by roof of leaf type was wrapped in big window and flavor of tree. Manager is rabbit how. While you are healed by many rabbits, please enjoy healthy lunch & teatime.

Rate, schedule

Business hoursFrom 9:00 to 16:00 (as for from December to February 10:00 ...) 
The number of the seats40 seats
Main cafe menuPasta plate / curry plate / kids plate / pancake / sweets / drink
ShopRabbit goods / kids article / kitchen goods / stationery
Credit cardCafe: *
Shop: *


Animal which can encounter here


Including today's manager
Many rabbits invite

Big window which became loose in scenery of ranch, and was crowded. While rabbit watches scenery that "rabbit land" playing around at ease and carriage run, we can spend. Rabbit of various kinds including nezarandodowafu which became model of Peter Rabbit offers hospitality in shop. It is pretty to see grooming.

"Wow,!" while saying
It is box which customer rushes up to

Concept of green leaf "living room in forest." Above all, area that stretched is ringside. At first we are filled up from this seat. We offered slightly high-quality chair. Place where is ideal to look at cherry tree.

We snuggle up to daily livings pleasantly
Petit premium miscellaneous goods

A lot of miscellaneous goods which we warm up other than ranch original sweets, and there is. Shop concept "petit premium." Only as for rabbit goods and kids article, kitchen goods, the thing feeling we are just looking, and happy including stationery. As for the original product to be able to buy only here. We are particular about design of paper bag.


Is credit card usable?
Only some stands are available. It is not available in the admission ticket section, restaurant, recreation facility.
Is there ATM in the hall?
No. There is not.
Is there nursing room and diaper spare space?
Family restaurant & shop "pikuneo" and rabbit cafe & shop "green leaf" have restroom and diaper spare space for person with a physical disability, nursing room. Other than restroom of triangle roof which we renewed, there is diaper spare stand in all restrooms.