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Package of animal which is cute without forgetting souvenir is popular if we fully play all day long

Shopping spot "shoppingupurazaguddi" ranch's greatest what there is in entrance vertical plank of Ikaho green ranch. Other than original sweets and ice cream using fresh milk arriving from partner ranch of the Haruna foot of a mountain, bread "star bread of illusion," there are original goods of animals, too. Package is pretty like ranch, too! It is available even if we do not enter as it faces parking lot.

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Business hoursFrom 9:00 to 16:00
Handling productCake / ice / cheese / souvenir / stuffed toy
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Animal which can encounter here


It is absolutely recommended to souvenir!
Bread "star bread" of illusion

One which is the most popular the commanding lead in all shops in the hall "star bread." It is sticky softly. Because we teach secret of soft taste only with milk without using water entirely. It is slightly sweet and is staff best recommended souvenir who does not stop if we begin to eat.

Homemade ice cream
Excellence prefecture article for sale which Gunma recommends

Homemade ice cream is Gunma excellence prefecture article for sale with vanilla, Matcha, three kinds of chocolate. By favorable reception, it is pleased with souvenir and present very much saying "design of cup is pretty!". As you can send by cool home delivery, visit casually.


Is credit card usable?
Only some stands are available. It is not available in the admission ticket section, restaurant, recreation facility.
Is there ATM in the hall?
No. There is not.