Horse, pony


Scenery to see from back is particular! You experience horseback riding and carriage, and enjoy contact with horse.

Kind of horse can encounter in quarter horse or line ride, pony from Germany at hose park and carriage platform. Scenery to watch from all over the horseback in horseback riding (pony horseback riding) experience is particular! Race of pony is seen in autumn from spring, too. Non-daily life experience that carriage is healed by footsteps of horse and comfortable shaking. Please feel easy warmth when you touched horses.


It is sensitive for sound! Talk easily

Horse is quiet and is gentle animal, but it is very delicate and is coward without matching big body. Ear is very good and is sensitive to sound. You hear story of the staff well, and please rub body while talking easily.


  • Sarah (pony)

    Tomboy of the youngest child
  • Young bird comes (pony)

  • Azusa (pony)

    Is friendly, spoilt child
  • Mile (pony)

    It is one's own pace leisurely
  • mazuki (pony)

    Queen of pony that wariness is strong
  • Titan (carriage)

    Spoilt child. But mind is gentle; and strong person.
  • Vega (carriage)

    Mischief native. But we are quiet during work.
  • Baru

    Slightly selfish naughty Buddhist priest.
  • Goemon

    It is one's own pace leisurely. Always sleepy.
  • kota

    Head is good, and leader of horses.
  • Jack

    Though we are coward, we are quiet and are gentle.


Is there danger to contact with animal?
There is no danger basically if you can keep attention of the ranch staff (contact advisers). As you may hit customer by datashi, animal frisking, and chewing and slight gesture, please be careful.
Can pet enter?
Only reserved small size, medium size dog can enter. Those who wish to enter of dog read instructions of page about "entrance of dog" well and have necessary matter fill out, and you reserve, and please arrive. In addition, I decline entrance of pet except dog.