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In nature with all one's might,
We will touch with animals!

Ikaho green ranch opened as facility which recommended consideration and the animal welfare to natural environments in 1970.
It is place that can learn love to importance and creature of life by touching animals directly.

With life animals which there is,
We touch

At green ranch, we can realize existence of life different from oneself by being keenly aware of warmth of animals directly. Heart of consideration should be surely brought up if we contact with lovely gesture and easy expression.

We leave everyday life,
We have a natural experience at ease

Comfortableness as the very large site among magnificent nature is covered by lawn which is full of green and provides unintentionally and wants to run. Experience that it is unusual, and is valuable that daily life does not have that we feed animals. In feeling of freedom of Nature, please make lifetime memories.

Of four seasons folds
Let's enjoy nature!

1,500 cherry trees make bloom and deep-blue meadows open forever in the summer and colored leaves and jumbo pumpkin of Halloween meet in autumn and do in spring. It is green ranch Nara to be able to enjoy nature regardless of season.