About green ranch


Ikaho green ranch environment policy

Basic idea

Ikaho green ranch opened as sightseeing Division of Nihon Tochisanrin in 1970. Since the opening, we do idea of the whole group "to bring up nature and rich relations of person and culture, and to contribute to the making of sustainable society" with base and fix mainly on animal and act for resources circulation type administration that considered natural environments.

We carry out animal breeding that can satisfy "five freedom" that are basics of "animal well fair = animal welfare" (including freedom to express freedom from thirst, freedom out of unpleasantness, freedom from pain, obstacle, disease, freedom from fear and suppression, normal action as starvation) as this part strictly. Way of thinking about this animal welfare is not yet common in Japan, but performs breeding that we took responsibility for to be able to live a life comfortable as possible when animals which are partner in our work work together. We contribute to the making of sustainable society while our thinking about better relations with animal while performing appropriate ranch administration in consideration for nature with person, and social, spreading this.


  1. We observe laws and ordinances and perform business administration that kept transparency.
  2. For the sustainable use of resources, energy, we try for resources circulation type administration in consideration for natural environments.
  3. We visualize animal well fair and try for the making of better relations of person and animal.
  4. We try for continuous local contribution activity to deepen relationship of mutual trust with community.
  5. We act in being facility with transparency that offers relief, safe service to customer, and solves the problem while being sincere, and facing customer.
  6. We open our policy to the public and publicize to employee.
  7. We perform administration that noted ensuring safety and health care of employee and try for maintenance of the employment.