"gu - scissors passport" "gu - scissors senior passport" special admission campaign!

We carry out hyperdrive by the "gu - scissors passport" distributed to child care families in Gunma or "gu - scissors senior passport" distributed to Gunma residence 65 years or older presentation!
How about the making of memory by "contact" that we cannot readily experience by walk experience with sheep and rabbit, daily life including bait spear to animals?


Setting period: Until December 31, 2019

Privilege contents: It is admission 500 yen for adult, children
Usually: Adult 1,200 yen, child 600 yen, senior 700 yen (65 years old or older, we show certificate required)

※It is usually rate for discount excluded day for from April 27, 2019 to May 6. Please be careful.


The presentation at the time of the purchase is required.
You can purchase admission ticket for 500 yen to for five people because of gu - scissors passport, gu - scissors senior passport one piece. On the day it is limited, and admission ticket which we purchased is effective. With discount, service of purchase and others cannot use together.

※Please let me limit privilege grant to using ... scissors senior passport to tear off which ... scissors passport to tear off lays.

※Privilege grant with out of retagu - scissors passport of time limit is not possible.

※About other prefectures card with kosodatemaku common throughout the whole country, it discounts admission 100 yen to for five people with one piece.


Please show card before the purchase.
One living in Gunma can issue each municipalities window to live or prefectural office deguchoki passport. Please confirm following Gunma smile life HP about the details.

We look forward to your coming.