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Flash (flash) 1979/1988

October 6, 2018 [soil] - January 14, 2019 [month, celebration]

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Stomach museum arc reached the foundation 30th anniversary―

In 1979, Hara Museum (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) was founded ahead of nationwide art museum establishment boom. It was now 30 years ago in the last year when the name of an era changed from Showa to Heisei in 1988 that stomach museum arc (Shibukawa-shi, Gunma) was opened as the annex. By book exhibition, we spotlight these two age, and tenkan does many works produced in both years than Hara Museum collection.


Exhibition writer

Anselm Kiefer / Ikemura Reiko / Shinro Otake / Kazumi Kurigami / Yayoi Kusama / Christ / bunch potato / Tom Wesselmann / Hiroji Noda / batusu / Tomoko Maki / Tatsuo Miyajima / Ukan Ri / ruizuniverusun











It is said grace life

[the first half year] October 6, 2018 [soil] -11 21 days a month [water]

[the latter period] November 23 [gold] - January 14, 2019 [month, celebration]



We introduce prayer to paean to life (life) and living with a choice of work to be able to take in from Rokuro Hara collection. We display work of Tessan Mori and Nagasawa reed snow equal to pupil of Oukyo Maruyama with "the figure of Yodo River both sides roll chart below" of okyo which is teacher in the first half year. Tessan Mori "figure of 100 cranes screen" is gorgeous work which described crane and pine got close to as long-lived symbol in powerful screen constitution in motif in Japan. We display work of China painter Nanpin Shin (shinnampin) said to have affected the picture in the middle of the Edo era in the latter period, but constitution that posted subject which after all suggests crane and pine, orchid, perpetual youth and longevity including rose to screen is characteristic. In addition, we are going to exhibit "Buddhist memorial service figures" drawn as work abreast of "prayer" in Momoyama era in the latter period.


Exhibition writer

Oukyo Maruyama / Nagasawa reed snow (the first half year) / Tessan Mori (the first half year) / Nanpin Shin (the latter period) / Kokan Shiba (the latter period) / forest successful applicant (the latter period) / Buncho Tani (the latter period) / Taikan Yokoyama (the latter period)








Stomach museum arc

Opening time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (as for the admission until 4:00 p.m.)

Closed days: Thursday (opened on January 3), December 4 - 7th, 11th - 14th, January 1

Admission charges: General 1,100 yen, Odaka straight 700 yen, true 500 yen in the small

※"There is life, and, "FLASH 1979/1988" exhibition, you can see seaweed" exhibition in addition.

Set ticket with Ikaho green ranch (general 1,800 yen, Odaka straight 1,500 yen, junior high student 1,400 yen, primary schoolchild 800 yen).


[to all of you resident in Gunma]

In the primary and secondary student, admission on Saturday in term is free.

It is discounted admission charges 200 yen to five people by the presentation of guchoki passport.

On day (October 28) of citizens of Gunma, one where is lower than university student resident in the prefecture is admission for free.

Original postcard set is presented by the first 20 people.


■Special program

Every Sunday (from 2:30 p.m. approximately one hour) during exhibition period, we open the storage of gallery guide by curator and open shelf type store (contemporary art) specially in reservation system (targeted more than junior high student. Inquiry Tel: 0279-24-6585).


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